Chilling, provocative

In Emma Roberts's and Karah Preiss's BELLETRIST, the magnificent Carmen Maria Machado talked about THE INCENDIARIES as a 2018 book she's looking forward to reading. "A chilling, provocative plot in the hands of a brilliant and talented writer? How could I not be excited?" she said, which—good lord. There are other recommendations from Carmen at that link, as well as some truly splendid photos.

Also, I was on the radio for the first time! I was asked to talk about book recommendations for an hour on KALW, a NPR affiliate, with Renee Kemp and Green Apple Books's Pete Mulvihill. Here's a picture from right after the show, when all I could think about were the many books I wished I'd mentioned.

More about books! I learned that a piece I'd written for ELECTRIC LITERATURE in February, about 34 anticipated books by women of color, was one of the publication's top five pieces of 2017. A few days later, they published my 2018 version of the list, this time with 46 books. It's been one of the most reliable sadness antidotes I've found, writing about other people's books, and getting to do so twice for EL has been such a joy.

I also wrote a short "Year in Reading" piece for THE MILLIONS. I dedicated the write-up to my parents, who'd had to put up with some racist guy yelling at them to go back to their country. "This is my country," my father said.

R.O. Kwon