Lunch baskets, etc.

I'm going to MacDowell for a month-long residency this fall, and so very excited. I've had lunch-basket envy for years!

I reviewed Teju Cole's extraordinary BLIND SPOT for THE GUARDIAN. The first couple of lines: "On encountering a collection of Teju Cole’s photographs and writing, I began to wonder about the mind behind the camera, the eye giving such careful attention to, for instance, a pair of scissors; then a dirt hill; folding chairs; mesh; a siding; part of a brick wall; imitation Gucci bags; crushed plastic bottles…With few exceptions, the photos here memorialise such items, ostensibly common things made radiant by the quality of Cole’s looking."

Also, I needed a high-resolution headshot for a story that's going to be in PLAYBOY in the fall, so I went on a quick photo shoot.


R.O. Kwon