Recent fiction:

PLAYBOY, “Safeword” (2017)
NOON, “Angels” (2016)
NOON, “Hey” (anthologized in THE BEST SMALL FICTIONS 2016, guest-edited by Stuart Dybek) (2015)
TIN HOUSE, “Helping” (2014)
PLOUGHSHARES, “Victoria Falls Hotel” (2013)
THE SOUTHERN REVIEW, “Legends of the Seoul Dogs” (2012)

Recent nonfiction:

ELECTRIC LITERATURE, "The Asian Women Writers Who Are Going to Change the World" (2017)
THE GUARDIAN, "Prophetic and Necessary" (2017)
VICE, "The Clown from 'IT' Reminded Me of God" (2017)
SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE, "A Kind of Freedom" (2017)
The Asian American Writers' Workshop's THE MARGINS, "Behind the Fiction" (2017)
THE GUARDIAN, "A Writer's Photographs" (2017)
LITERARY HUB, "Finding Solace in the Words of Furious Women" (2017)
THE GUARDIAN, "Killers of the Flower Moon" (2017)
SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE, "Such Small Hands" (2017)
THE GUARDIAN, "Moving Memoir of a Former Child Prodigy" (2017)
THE GUARDIAN, “Forbidden Stories From Within North Korea” (2017)
ELECTRIC LITERATURE, “34 Books By Women of Color to Read This Year” (2017)
LOS ANGELES REVIEW OF BOOKS, “The Magic of the Everyday” (2017)
VICE, “The Asian American Literature That Got Me Through 2016” (2016)
TIME, “An Ode to an America in Which You Haven’t Seen a Swastika” (2016)
ELECTRIC LITERATURE, “I Love This Land; I Grieve” (2016)
THE GUARDIAN, “Absolutely on Music” (2016)
GUERNICA, “Artificial Divides” (2016)
VICE, “‘What Belongs to You’ Is a Brilliant Novel About Public Sex and the Queer Body” (2016)
VICE, “Author Maggie Nelson Is in Drag as a Mother and as a Married Person” (2015)
THE BELIEVER, “There Must be More” (2012)